Offering foundation training for puppies and programs for adult dogs for individuals and families with special needs.

Therapy Dogs are specially trained to aid and support people throughout different life circumstances.

Dogs may be trained to provide assistance and support for people suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a range of other physical, emotional and cognitive challenges.

We will do our best to customise training programs to meet your needs.



Scheduled sessions as well as 24/7 access to email/phone communication regarding advice, demonstrations, feedback and tips.

In this program puppies or dogs are completely trained by their owners. Individuals learn how to train and adjust behaviour through sessions, correspondence and support with a Blue Ribbon certified trainer.


Board And Train- (Adult Dog) Therapy Dog Training

Families or Individuals that would like their mature age dog to be certified.


Board And Train- (Puppy) Therapy Dog Training

For The Best First Steps In Development And Training For A Future Therapy Dog


This Burrinjuck Labradoodle puppy through Blue Ribbons Foundation Therapy Dog Program has been trained to recognise the sound of a child in distress and run towards the noise to provide support.    Note- This behaviour was trained as an addition to the program.  Please let Blue Ribbon Dog Training know if you would like a specific trained skill.


Melbourne, Victoria

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