Foundational Therapy Dog Program

For The Best First Steps In Development And Training For A Future Therapy Dog

Your puppy boards at Burrinjuck for eight weeks and is trained by a Blue Ribbon Dog Trainer. 

This program is for puppies (8-16 weeks) and is the most popular program.

With advice, guidance and support to teach and instruct owners, this program essentially creates a toolbox for families to reinforce and develop what has been learnt during the eight weeks of behaviour, training and exposure.

With the opportunity to be certified as a working Therapy Dog at mature age.

Cute Puppy


The ‘Foundational Therapy Dog Program’ is designed to be an affordable and practical way for families to have a potential, working “therapy dog” The course is conducted over a duration of eight weeks.  The program begins when the puppy is aged between eight weeks to sixteen weeks of age. This period of time is selected as this is the critical period of development in dogs. During this time, puppies are at an ideal stage for optimal learning and  acceptance of new experiences with people, animals and environments.. The program is structured for puppies to learn the essential basics and develop a positive mind-set.  They develop and are rewarded for appropriate behaviours. The puppy is clicker trained and receives expert training, socialisation and exposure whilst boarding at Burrinjuck Labradoodles and being handled by a Blue Ribbon Dog Trainer. 

The program includes foundational training for the following Behaviours:

  -No Jumping

-No mouthing/biting 

-No resource guarding

-Ability to cope with be handed physically (including teeth check, vet check, being picked up)

-Ability to be left alone 

-Access to and from a dog door 

-Toilet Training

-Crate training

-Loose lead walking

Puppies learn to follow the following Commands:

• Mat- 

• Sit-

• Drop

• Come

• Free

On completion of the program families are required to continue to consolidate training with their puppy on a consistent and frequent basis.   It is necessary for families to retain and develop the dog training skills in order to receive an accreditation through Blue Ribbon Dog Training as an active and working Therapy Dog.   Accreditation is achieved through practical assessment of training maintenance when the dog is of mature age (from 18 months). 

Blue Ribbon Dog Training provides resources to families to aid them in the process of continued training. Dog Trainer, Briellen Ramsay is committed to answering, guiding and making recommendations in response to any queries.


Dogs will only be certified when successfully meeting all criteria and must go through one of Blue Ribbons Therapy Dog Programs. 

Upon Certification Individuals receive a Therapy Dog Vest and ID Card. 

Note- Therapy dogs do not undergo the PAT.  Please note the difference between an Assistance Dog and Therapy Dog.


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