I believe that training builds a foundation to the relationship you have with your dog. And to have the best relationship with your dog the correct training must be put into place. Dog training benefits both you and your canine friend.  

Blue Ribbon Dog Training general behaviour and obedience training programs lay a foundation for dog. On completion dogs will have the basic fundemental knowledge of training and behaviour. 

There are 2 programs available for general obedience and behaviour training for puppies and dogs.

Programs include:

- socialisation and exposure

-independence training (prevention of separation anxiety)

-mental stimulation (environment enrichment)

-crate training

-toilet training (housebreaking) 

Addressing Common Undesirable Behaviours:



-grabbing unwanted items 



General Commands:

- Heel

- Come

- Sit

- Drop

- Off

- Leave

- Mat

Obedience and behaviour training includes the use of a marker (such as a clicker) and a release command (replaces 'stay')    

In the programs the dogs motivator to work is found to get the best out of your dog and create a positive and rewarding experience through training. 

Common motivators are treats (food), praise (pats and voice) and/or toys.



Session Training

Individual (one on one) lessons focusing on a new training block each session. Clients will learn with their dog at home or at one of my locations and then continue what they have learned with their dogs at home.

On completion of this program the basic building blocks of general behaviour and training will have been established and learned.

SESSION COST- $65 per session

Each session varies in length but is between roughly 1 hour. 

Travel costs occur if a trainer is required to travel outside of location areas. Cost is dependant on location. 

Booking and payment is session by session except upon arrangement. 

Blue Ribbon Dog Training provides weekend and after work hour options.



Technology Assistance

Running a busy life can mean that time can be hard to come by.  For convenience and affordability Blue Ribbon Dog Training offers technology assistance answering.  In addition, further information is supplied via email such as reading material, links, tips and recommendations.  

Discounted zoom sessions when purchased in bulk. Buy 3 sessions together at $117 (valued at $39 per session)

Zoom Sessions - $49 per session


Providing, advice, demonstrations and guidance no matter where you are located.      

Blue Ribbon Dog Training provides weekend and after work hour options.


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Wangaratta Location

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