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Train Your Own Therapy Dog

In this program puppies or dogs are completely trained by their owners. Individuals learn how to train and adjust behaviour through sessions, correspondence and support with a Blue Ribbon certified trainer.

Communication includes, zoom calls, emails and in person sessions.  Throughout the program trainers give owners advice, recommendations and guidance. 

The goal is to work together with families so they can train a potential Therapy Dog. 

Only at mature age will a dog be accessed for certification. Dogs will only be certified with Blue Ribbon Dog Training if they pass the standard criteria set out for every Blue Ribbon Therapy Dog. Assessments are always done in person and are a seperate cost to this program. 

Total Program Cost - $500 

Expires After 4 Months 

- advice, tips and referral to reading material via email communication. 

- Feedback on progress training video's 

- 3 Zoom Sessions

- 4 In Person Sessions

It may be advised that individuals who are training their own dogs, renew this program as required to meet the goals of Blue Ribbon Therapy Dog certification. 

 Note- There will be a travel fee per session (in person) if the home location is outside Melbourne CBD or North East Victoria. Alternatively you can meet me at one of my numerous locations with no travel fee. 

Dogs will only be certified when successfully meeting all criteria and must go through one of Blue Ribbons Therapy Dog Programs. Assessment Cost $120 

Upon Certification Individuals receive a Therapy Dog Vest and ID Card. 

Note- Therapy dogs do not undergo the PAT.  Please note the difference between an Assistance Dog and Therapy Dog. 


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