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Adult Dog Training Unique and Tailored For Success

Families or Individuals that would like their mature age dog to be certified will undergo an initial consultation $60. This session will establish the suitability of your dog for the purposes and what actions will need to be put in place to achieve the desired outcome.  The duration and cost of this program is dependant and specific to each individual and their canine.

If your dog is deemed suitable for therapy dog work a program structure will be recommended to owners. The program is required to develop, maintain or establish behaviour that will be required to pass the criteria for a Blue Ribbon Therapy Dog Certification. 

This individualised program will include

- A  determined amount of time boarding and training at Burrinjuck Labradoodle's

- A transition of skills from trainer to owner with an in person session at hand over and continued correspondence for a month offering guidance, tips and recommendations via zoom sessions and email.  

- Assessment for Blue Ribbon Therapy Dog Certification (Dogs must be at least 18months and assessment will be conducted at least 2 months after the programs completion. This is to make sure owners can develop and maintain learnt behaviour) 

Cost is dependant and determined by the duration of the program but you can expect a total cost between $1000 - $2500 including boarding costs. 

Boarding and Training duration could be any amount from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.  

Adult Therapy Dog Program: Services

Dogs will only be certified when successfully meeting all criteria and must go through one of Blue Ribbons Therapy Dog Programs. 

Upon Certification Individuals receive a Therapy Dog Vest and ID Card. 

Note- Therapy dogs do not undergo the PAT.  Please note the difference between an Assistance Dog and Therapy Dog.

Adult Therapy Dog Program: Text
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